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Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame

The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame's

"Drive For 50"

To continue as an organization The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame (CCHOF) must raise $50,000.

The CCHOF is a charity that relies on donations and memberships to;

  1. Provide a scholarship to Humber School of Comedy
  2. Provide educational workshops and archive the history and importance of Canadian Comedy
  3. Hold annual nominations and inductions

Without an influx of at least $50,000 (that's 2,000 lifetime memberships, or a combination of memberships and donations totaling $50,000) the 2025 event will be virtual only.  Below you can see images of the amazing gala induction events we held in Hamilton in February 2024.  Help us continue and make this a great Canadian tradition.


The CCHOF Festival Highlights
Feb 21-24th, 2024
Jim Carrey Induction Speech

The CCHOF Festival Highlights
Feb 21-24th, 2024

From the "Funniest Person In Hamilton" finals to the closing gala, the first full festival had hilarity & moments of tribute, tears of joy and above all celebration.


Membership Drive and Donations

As we start building for 2024 nomination, voting and inductees the CCHOF is embarking on a membership drive.  Yes! We have only 2000 lifetime memberships remaining before it is a yearly charge. So join now for just $25.00 for life.

Members who attended the Festival saved over $50 by being a member and attending all events.

We are a registered charity and any donation of $100 or more get a charitable tax receipt worth your donation minus the $25.00 fee.

  • Donate $100 – $149 and receive a CCHOF Toque
  • Donate $150 – $500 and receive a Plaid Jersey with CCHOF logo.
  • Donate $500 or more and we'll contact you about a special Founders Package that includes a Brick in the “Comedy Wall” of our touring stand up exhibit.

So help us continue our efforts to “recognize, celebrate and preserve Canadian Achievements in comedy”


Why Have A Canadian
Comedy Hall Of Fame?

Comedy has always been one of our greatest exports and Canadians have always led the world in comedy:
From the first political cartoonists to the Vaudeville circuit,
From Stephen Leacock to Peppiatt and Aylesworth
From Beatrice Lillie to Catherine O’Hara
From Wayne and Shuster to John Candy to Mike Myers.
That’s just some of the reasons why we need to make a CCHOF happen!


Why Become a Lifetime Member?

When you become a member of the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame, you’ll be directly supporting the preservation, recognition and celebration of Canadian contributions to comedy. 

A CCHOF Lifetime Membership gives you exclusive benefits, including:

  • Discounts to CCHOF events (shows and exhibits)
  • Discounts to comedy shows and classes offered through our partners (SecondCity Toronto and BadDog Theatre)
  • Pre-sale tickets for our annual induction event
  • Member-only content
  • Personalized Lifetime Membership Certificate

Become a Lifetime Member today and support us in the celebration of Canadian comedy.


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