Intro and background

The CCHOF began in 2000 but was restructured as an NFP charity in 2021.  It has a working board which instituted a three-year plan and established committees to begin the work of the next inductions.  Please see the “inductees” page and the “The Plan” page for more information.

Process for induction

The process for induction was established by a unanimous vote of the nomination committee and the BOD on Feb 7, 2022.

The 2021 – 2023 Nomination Committee


  • Briane Nasimok- Howard Rosen


  • Shelagh O’Brien
  • Martha Chavez
  • Janelle Niles

CCHOF Exec Member

  • Kenny Robinson

General notes


  • Minimum 5 members
  • Sits for three years
  • Selects its own chairman who liaises with the Executive Director
  • Sits from November 1 – April 1
  • First year will have more nominees and inductions. These rules apply for all subsequent years.

General Eligibility for induction

  • No sitting member of the committee or the board is eligible for nomination
  • Minimum 20-year career in Canadian entertainment ( comedy) or Canadian born with a minimum 20-year career in entertainment.

Eligibility for voting

  • Industry members vote to narrow the nominees in each category to the final nominees. (Industry defined as 10 years as a professional in the entertainment industry.)
  • Industry members vote on all categories
  • All Members vote on the Performers categories
  • All members can submit suggestions for nomination if the suggestion is accompanied by a statement ( written or vide) of why they are submitting the candidate and what they have done.

 Procedure Nomination & Voting

Committee starts in November to collect and suggest names.

Board and committee finalize nominees in February (Vote One).

That list is published for the official voting period.

Voting commences April 1 – May 24 (Vote Two).

Round One

Board and Committee narrow down the final list as suggested by committee and members.  All suggestions must be accompanied by a statement as to why the nominees should be considered.

  • Vote is 1 person 1 vote all committee and board members
  • 66% is required for automatic induction or to change Nominee Committee procedures.
  • Procedures shall stay in place for 3 years or until a 66% vote changes them

Round Two

For Creators and Legacy and performers:

  • Vote is open to Industry members, Committee and Board
    • Members 60%
    • Committee 25 %
    • Board 15%

For Performers

  • Industry Members, committee, and board 60%
  • Other members 40%

Whoever sits on the committee should be given instructions and guidelines and they are :

  • There should be a conscious effort to strive for diversity and inclusion when it comes to the country as a whole (when it comes to Legacy and Creators our history is not good or representation) and this should be included in the mandate.
  • When it comes to nominating there should be awareness of a balance between those nominees who have stayed at home and those who have made a name Internationally. This is not something that should be established in a quota.



  • Minimum fifty years in the business from date of inductions

Nominees List

  • Two to be selected from List of Five
  • Three remain on ballot and two to be added by committee and board

The Board will have the power to acclaim up to two Legacy members a year in consultation with the nomination committee. 2/3 majority of the committee and the board as a whole.



  • To be eligible for Creator and performer inclusion, the nominees should have a minimum of twenty years professional work in the business.

Nominees List

  • Six nominees each year three to be selected.
  • The three not voted in would stay on the ballot for up to five years. Then three new nominees can be added to round out the slate of six.



  • 10 years in the business form date of inductions

Nominee’s list

  • Five performers will enter the Hall with 10 names being on the ballot.

The top three vote getters that are not inducted in a given year will automatically stay on the ballot for the next year.  If in that year they are not voted in and still remain one of the top three popular choices, they continue on the ballot for up to a total of five years.