Canada has been leading the world in comedy since the country was first founded.   In 1867 Cartoonists made fun of the country with drawings of a baby with a Canada sash being fought over by the US and Britain.

In fact, Canadians have led the way in comedy with acts like the Dumbells headlining in the trenches in WW1 and later wowing the Vaudeville circuit for 13 years.

Or how about the Happy Gang that entertained in WW2 and then on radio for many years after!

Then there are the story tellers like Stephen Leacock and Mordecai Richler and the act that appeared on Ed Sullivan more than any other – Wayne & Shuster.

Truth is our British, American and Indigenous influences combine with a mosaic of cultural expression to form a world view that creates, not only a unique Canadian take on the word, but a take the world can laugh at.  Besides its cold for 6 months and you have to do something to keep warm.

It just makes sense to begin to collect the stories and the memories of the funniest nation on the planet to preserve and promote our sense of humour.  Let’s celebrate the people who made their life’s work making us laugh, after all they touched our hearts as well as our funny bones.  They deserve to be celebrated; their work deserves to be preserved.

Every year we lose more and more of our Canadian Comedy Heroes.  In 2021 alone we lost Norm Macdonald and Mort Sahl.  It’s been thirty years since SCTV was on the air. The Kids in the Hall had their last broadcast in 1995 – over 25 years ago.  Where are their iconic wardrobes and props? How will their videos be watched and shared in the future? How will we explain their impact on us to future generations? What if we could present the past in new, fun and interactive ways? Not simply housed in glass cases, but in new exciting exhibits and immersive experiences.

They came to us on the stage, on radio, on the screens and into our own homes.  Let’s establish their home where we can visit them and share a laugh once more.

That’s why we need the CCHOF.

That’s who we are and what we want to do at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame.

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