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Let us ask you something, when you grew up was there a moment you recall when you saw a Canadian show or a Canadian on any show, or movie and you thought – this is really good I am proud to be Canadian!

Do you recall lever having to tell someone that Mike Myers, or Jim Carey or Russell Peters or Schitt’s Creek was Canadian?  Ever been on vacation and had to correct someone on theses facts?

Well, a Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame is long overdue, and we want you to be involved as a Lifetime member.  For a limited time, anyone can join for a one-time fee and receive the following;

  • A personalized certificate as a lifetime member
  • 15% all shows and exhibits and merchandise
  • Voting privileges* FOR LIFE!
  • Monthly newsletter and Calendar – this day in Canadian Comedy.

And if you are in the entertainment industry through a guild let us know.  If you are in the business of show for longer than 10 years, we want you to have a say on the final nominees!

Why is the CCHOF important and why join?

  • Recognition of great Canadian comedy and a tip of the hat to those who have come before
  • To preserve and protect materials both digital and physical
  • To provide greater access to archives and materials through touring exhibits
  • To work towards a permanent home
  • To educate and celebrate though festivals and exhibits

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