exterior view

The First Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Festival was a Tremendous Success

Shows Celebrating:

Sketch at the Comedy Bar

Stand up at Yuk yuk’s

The finale gala at the Fairmont Royal York’s Iconic Imperial Room

And the inductees

Why Have A Canadian
Comedy Hall Of Fame?

Comedy has always been one of our greatest exports and Canadians have always led the world in comedy:
From the first political cartoonists to the Vaudeville circuit,
From Stephen Leacock to Peppiatt and Aylesworth
From Beatrice Lillie to Catherine O’Hara
From Wayne and Shuster to John Candy to Mike Myers.
That’s just some of the reasons why we need to make a CCHOF happen!

2023 Nominees

Members will be sent info on how to nominate for the open spots for 2023 Remaining on the ballot from 2022.

• Olivier Guimond
• Happy Gang
• Beatrice Lillie
• Rose Oulette
• Marie Dressler
• Sandra Faire
• Keith Johnstone – Loose Moose
• Robert Gravel/Yvon Leduc LIN
• Jo-Anna Downey
• Perry Rosemond
• Joe Bodolai
• Cast of SCTV
• Cast of Codco
• Steve Smith
• Elvira Kurt
• Al Waxman
• Jim Carrey
• Eugene Levy
• Martin Short
• Billy Van
• Mary Walsh

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